The smart way to document care

What is the SmartAide™?

SmartAide™ solves your documentation challenges. The point of care system intuitively walks CNAs through required MDS inputs, alerts staff to resident care needs, and streamlines all CMS submissions for maximum reimbursement.

We are revolutionizing the way that nursing facilities collect, comprehend, and act on real-time patient data – all in an effort to create more informed and efficient post-acute and LTC environments. 

Document care in 5 clicks or less

Get to 100% completion and accuracy. No more copycat charting. No more blank entries or tedious corrections processes.

SmartAide is an EHR-integrated, secure, cloud-based solution that delivers clinical and financial results. SmartAide runs on iOS and Android handheld and kiosk devices.

Real time alerts and 24/7 reporting

Value-based and hospital-driven agreements require SNFs need to more closely monitor and manage resident care.

Our Nurse Management Tool provides real-time insight into the health of your residents. Don’t wait weeks to pour through ADL data looking for trends or gaps. Real-time alerts help get ahead of a re-hospitalization.

Our Nurses are your extra set of eyes.

“I consider the Gweepi staff as part of my team in helping us achieve our clinical/ financial goals”

Gweepi staffs a nurse on every SNF to monitor the ongoing documentation practices and reporting. Consider it an extra set of eyes looking over your performance. We make clinical recommendations and work with you to optimize patient care and maximize reimbursement revenue.